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TRANS Mission at The Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea

  • the wedgewood rooms, southsea (map)
TRANS Mission at The Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea

Tonic Music for Mental Health are hosting a fundraiser for our good friend Samo who needs funds to pay for vital top surgery. Samo has done so much to support us over the last few years so we want to put on a gig to help contribute towards Samo's transition.

Tickets: £10 available from Wedgewood Rooms, Play Dead & Tonic


El Morgan & The Divers
Angela Morgan
Queer Disco


Hi my name is samo and I am a transgender artist activist and owner of Playdead gallery in Southsea.
I began my transition over two years ago even though the majority of my life I have lived as non-binary.
I am in need of surgery (double mastectomy) so I can live my life as my true self. 
Although I have been extremely patient and have been on the nhs waiting list for a couple of years already. Delays and timings with this long process have not been on my side. Now the physical implications that wearing a binder to strap down my chest is taking its toll not just on my physical body (brusing/lung problems/ribs) but also on my mental health and body dysmorphia.

I own a gallery and studio in Southsea and put on exhibitions for artists and the community. It has became my life and passion and I know my community feel the same.
However I fear that iIwill not be able to maintain this with all of my ongoing health issues which are becoming inrceasingly worse. I want to be able to carry on working hard and bringing art and people together. so now I am asking for help.

I could potentially have surgery this year if I can raise enough money. I have a consultion in London in March too see how soon this can happen. The price can be anywhere bettween 10-12 thousand and I will not able able to work for around 6 weeks after.
I so desperately want to be free from my binder the dysmorphia and pain this causes me daily. I want to be able to live as my true self and continue my work in the community.

if there are any left over funds for whatever reason I will be using that to help others in the same situation. I am currently setting up a local trans group working alongside a mental health charity were we can create a safe place and awarness of transgender issues.

thank you so much for taking the time to read this and be part of my journey.