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Portsmouth Festivities: Twenty Years

Portsmouth Festivities: Twenty Years

Can you imagine the almost unimaginable future? Bennett and McDermott present Twenty Years, an interactive installation that encourages visitors of all ages to reflect on life since 1999, and explore visions for 2039.

About Bennett and McDermott

Sharon Bennett

Sharon is a socially engaged artist. By working collaboratively with community groups, artists or family and friends she blurs the boundaries between the traditional positions of artist, artwork and audience.

Many of Sharon’s projects develop and are returned to over several years. She orchestrates situations that disrupt the everyday flow of life, pause it, open up a space where participants can meet, play, and be generous or share in generosity.

Sharon is also co-founder of Croshare, a participatory project that uses crochet as a catalyst for the creation of pop-up community happenings and a founding member of The Women’s Art Activation System (WAAS) ) and a member of Critical Practice, a cluster of artists, researchers and academics supported by Chelsea College of Art & Design, London.

Dan McDermott

Dan McDermott paints dynamic photo-realist canvases. Working in an energetic and highly individual style he captures our perceptions of the fast moving world around us, through strongly nostalgic and American inspired images of city streets, speeding cars, passing figures and urban landscapes.

McDermott derives his material from film, television and his own cine-film. Documenting snippets of daily life; be it rush hour on the M15 or the regular bustle of city streets, he goes on to create large scale photo-realist paintings full of the pace and tension of contemporary life.

Using a layering technique, McDermott plays with components of light and colour, building a highly personal style which is enlivened by compositional cropping and unusual vantage points. The result creates a sense of energy and pace whilst maintaining a balanced aesthetic appeal. Dan’s work has been shown throughout the UK, Europe, and the USA.

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