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‘Nelson’ at No. 6 Cinema


No. 6 Cinema, Portsmouth’s only independent filmhouse, screen 1918 British silent film Nelson on Saturday 29th September, from 7:00pm as part of their Battle of the Silent Era season.

Rarely seen since its original release, Maurice Elvey’s masterpiece on the life and career of Admiral Nelson was a major passion project for Britain’s most prolific film director.

Written by Alfred Hitchcock’s scriptwriter Eliot Stannard and made with the support of the Admiralty at a time when the Navy needed to recruit.

The film transforms Nelson into an action packed hero for the British audiences of World World One, celebrating his heroic status and recreating famous moments in British Naval history.

Elvey’s action packed film is very much an education as well as entertainment with stunning cinematography and razor sharp action sequences mixed with model shots and animation

 Part of the film was shot on HMS Victory, making NELSON the only feature film ever made on the Royal Navy’s most famous ship.

Live music will be provided by Stephen Horne and Martin Pyne. 

Book online through the No. 6 Cinema website, or buy on the door on the night.

Film Info

  • Director: Maurice Elvey
  • Starring: Donald Calthrop, Malvina Longfellow, Ivy Close
  • Running time: two hours and eight minutes (128 minutes)

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