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Mandela 100 present Dane Hurst at New Theatre Royal

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Primary and secondary school pupils and a massed community choir will be assembled to perform African songs, dances, and drum progressions at the New Theatre Royal on 17th April 2018.

A specially-choreographed dance by internationally-renowned South African ballet dancer Dane Hurst, created in honour of Mandela, will form part of the performance. The choreography was first performed in Mandela’s presence during his visit to London, as a ‘thank-you’ for his patronage to Dane.

This will be the second performance of the dance since Dane created it. Other South African artists who were close to Mandela will be featured, including Chris Lubbe, Mandela’s bodyguard after his release from 27 years of imprisonments. Another is Colin Chambers, Mandela’s spiritual guide and confidant whilst in Robben Island, and a trusted friend afterwards.

AWF are also showcasing artistic African styles in open air spaces such as the grounds of St Mary’s Church on 14th July, as well as schools, furthering the reach and impact of the Mandela 100 project to the public.

Pupils will be taught by professional international African artists through a series of workshops focused on African culture and arts. The workshops are designed to celebrate both commonality and differences.

Choirs singing African songs will be led by community choir director Janet Ayers. Anyone interested in attending the workshops should email — they’re open irrespective of ability, gender, or ethnicity.

Any creations produced at the workshops will be digitised and shared widely with schools, who will be able to showcase the work in assemblies and humanities classes.