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Maggie Roberts: Uncanny Valley

Maggie Roberts Uncanny Valley. Aspex Gallery

Step inside the amazing world of Maggie Roberts, who returns to Portsmouth with a solo exhibition of new work. Winner of EMERGENCY 2017, the artist uses video and soundscapes, fused with watercolour and photographic collage, to make science-fictional, immersive and audio-visual works.

About Maggie Roberts

Maggie Roberts aka Mer is a british artist who lives and works in London (with a studio in Capetown since 2006). Her career until then consisted of a solo and then collaborative artist (0rphan Drift), showing extensively in London, Europe and USA and Canada, whilst teaching on various Fine Art BA courses in and around London, most notably Goldsmiths and Central St Martins. She currently teaches a seminar, ‘Virtual Worlds’ at CSM, lectures at art schools all over England, is a Visiting Research Fellow in the Visual Cultures department at Goldsmiths University, London and a research fellow with BCU, Fine Art Research, Birmingham.

She co founded 0rphan Drift in 1994, and has continued to work with 0D member Ranu Mukherjee, with contributions from theorists, musicians, animators, 3D and laser scanners, coders and performers. Increasingly she is pursuing a solo career. Her artistic output involves collage, painting, photography, audio and digital media - Photoshop, video and animation, in a constant interplay of fusion and remix. Technical specialisation areas include camera work; editing/effects generation; prosthetics and costume design; text performance and voice work. She has researched myth, archetype and trance possession in Haiti, South Africa and Mexico.

Current production is intentioned for gallery exhibition and cinema screening, symposia and workshop performance and consists of screen projection, collage, painting, installation and text.

Her theoretical focus includes hyperstitions, science and speculative fiction, organic and non organic sympoetic evolution, hyperobjects and shadowtime, Machine Vision, virtual textures, spaceotemporalities and frequencies, octopus and digital uncertainty.

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