Loading the cannon at Southsea Brewing Co.


As craft beer lovers, we were tremendously excited to hear about the launch of Southsea Brewing Co. in Southsea Castle, just down the road from the clocktower. Even more so when founder and head brewer David Eastwood got in touch about his branding!

We worked with David for months to perfect the look and feel of Southsea Brewing Co.'s identity and created a strong, distinct logo — a collision of one of Southsea Castle's cannons and a bottle of beer — as a figurehead for the craft brewery.

We created beer bottle labels for Southsea Brewing Co., with an aged rustic theme and references to the sea beset in a range of eye-catching colors.

We also named several of David's beers. ‘Weisscaps’ is our favorite title — a play on ‘weiss’ (or ‘weiß’, German for ‘white’, a style of wheat beer) and ‘whitecaps’ (the foamy crests of waves).

We approached Team Locals not only because they are a big part of the community here in Southsea but they also have skills in design and marketing as well. We told them about our idea of setting up a micro-brewery in Southsea Castle and they came up with a logo design which we absolutely love! We have received lots of compliments on it and it’s great to see a creative twist on such an iconic element of Southsea’s history in our logo.
— — David Eastwood, founder and brewer