Shakespeare’s Globe bring Two Gentlemen of Verona to New Theatre Royal

Shakespeare’s Globe are partnering with Portsmouth’s New Theatre Royal for the premiere of their brand new touring production: The Two Gentlemen of Verona.

The premiere run will take place at the New Theatre Royal from 13th through 16th July. The play will be directed by Nick Bagnall, who is looking to create a brand new anarchic version of the play with a focus on music and ensemble performance.

In this story, Valentine loves Silvia and Proteus loves Julia, but Proteus is fickle, and falls for Silvia too. When Valentine plots an elopement, Proteus betrays him, and Valentine is banished and joins some outlaws in the forest.

What are the chances that he’ll be pursued by Silvia, and Silvia by Proteus, and Proteus by Julia, and what all will be waited upon — after a fashion — by their servants Speed and Launce and even Launce’s dog Crab?

This riotous new production is led by a joyful ensemble of players who will delight with songs, romance, and chaos, and hurl Shakespeare’s anarchic comedy into the 21st century.

Nick Bagnall is the Associate Director of the Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse. He has directed a number of productions at Shakespeare’s Globe, including a site-specific battlefield tour of Henry IV parts I, II, and III.

He’s also collaborated with Simon Armitage CBE, Oxford Professor of Poetry, on The Last Days of TroyGawain and the Green KnightThe Death of King Arthur, and The Odyssey.

Emma Rice is Artistic Director Designate of Shakespeare’s Globe. She will announce her inaugural season as Artistic Director on January 5th 2016.

Using an Elizabethan-style booth stage, inspired by paintings and etchings from Shakespeare’s time, a handful of actors and musicians will visit beautiful and inspiring settings across the UK and Europe.

Tickets for The Two Gentlemen of Verona are £13.00 and can be booked online through the New Theatre Royal website »

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