Portsmouth D-Day Museum receives £600,000 towards redevelopment

The D-Day Museum in Southsea, Portsmouth is one of the beneficiaries to receive a budget windfall in yesterday’s Autumn statement.

he museum will receive £600,000 towards its £4.9million development project, as it looks to establish itself as the national centre for the commemoration of D-Day.

Portsmouth’s Royal Marines Museum will also receive £2million to facilitate the relocation of the museum and increase access to its unique collections.

Since its opening in 1984, the D-Day Museum Portsmouth has told the story of the D-Day landings through its collection of vehicles, exhibits, letters, diaries, photographs, memoirs, and the iconic Overlord Embroidery.

The way this story is told has remained unchanged for over thirty years; but plans are in place to bring the story to life for future generations. The new International Museum of D-Day will keep the memory alive and ensure that the stories from both English and German perspectives continue to resonate with visitors for years to come.

The proposed development project will look to maximise the impact, whilst also ensuring that this important chapter in history is retold in a way which inspires and meets the expectations of 21st century museum audiences.

Fittingly when completed, the transformed museum will reopen as the International Museum of D-Day ahead of the 75th anniversary of D-Day in 2019. It will tell the story of D-Day in a way which is pertinent to local residents, families, young people, and international visitors alike.

Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Greg Clark, said: “I am delighted that the Chancellor has committed to funding to help transform the D-Day museum and increase access to the Royal Marines Museum’s unique collections which reflects Portsmouth’s military heritage.

“We must never forget the thousands of troops from Portsmouth who risked their lives to liberate Europe in the name of freedom and this money will ensure their legacy continues for generations to come.”

Roger Ching, Chair of Trustees Portsmouth D-Day Museum Trust, said: “George Osborne’s announcement is great news for the D-Day Museum and our planned re-development, but we still need more funding for our project to transform the D-Day museum.”

Watch our video of the D-Day Museum and its Overlord Embroidery below: