Portsmouth City Council Announces New Garden Waste Collection Service


On Friday 22nd March, Portsmouth City Council will launch their new garden waste collection service, known as the Green Waste Club, at an event in Guildhall Square starting at 11:30am.

Councillor Eleanor Scott will be at the launch of the new garden waste collection service, which will replace the council’s current garden waste sack collection service in April 2013. Paul Fielding, Assistant Head of Service at Portsmouth City Council, said:

“The Green Waste Club is a great new service offered by the council, which will collect garden waste directly from residents’ properties. Unlike our [to be discontinued] service, it will recycle all garden waste into compost too. I hope our residents will find the service really useful and easy to use, and that the Green Waste Club has a good take-up across the city.”

The Green Waste Club will be run by Biffa, PCC’s recycling and refuse contractor. For a small membership fee, Biffa will provide people with a dedicated 24o-litre wheeled bin for the collection of garden-specific waste, such as lawn clippings, prunings, raked-in fallen leaves, twigs, and small branches.

The basic cost of the service is £40, though the first 5,000 residents to sign up to the Green Waste Club will pay a discounted fee of £30 for the first 12-month subscription. Bookings for the service can be made through the Green Waste Club website here or through the dedicated helpline on 0800 0858 286, to which calls will be answered from Mondays to Fridays between 9:00am and 5:00pm.