Portsmouth artist My Dog Sighs leads TEDx Talk

Portsmouth street artist My Dog Sighs, known for his canmen, melancholy stick figures, and realistic reflective eyes, led a TED Talk recently.

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conferences are a staple of global idea-sharing, creativity, and academia, which, following groundbreaking worldwide success, birthed TEDx — a programme for independent event organisers to host TED conferences.

My Dog Sighs’ talk formed part of the TEDxWarwick programme, with a focus on creating art at a time when throwaway culture has reached its apex, and how he ultimately pursued his childhood dream of turning his passion for art into his profession.

He said: “I’m still cringing at seeing myself on the screen and can only pick faults but my TED talk is finally online. Initially on YouTube but eventually it will go up on the TEDx site.

“It was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done professionally. The script assisters were brutal in their regular review of my drafts and my nerves from having to wait most of the day and stand on a huge stage in front of 1,200 people was excruciating.

“But I stood up and said what I wanted to say and now I can go back to throwing paint and stamping on baked bean tins.”

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