Melted Southsea opens in Palmerston Road, serving up gourmet grilled cheese toasties

Less than a year after launching their debut eatery in Hilsea, the team behind gourmet grilled cheese startup Melted have opened the doors of their second shop, in Southsea.

Luca Allegra is the owner of the new branch. When he heard that his friend and Melted co-founder Dan was opening a second location, sited in Palmerston Road, he jumped at the opportunity to man the helm.

“I moved to Southsea five years ago,” Luca told Team Locals Portsmouth, “and I’ve been working around here since, so I know lots of people who pass by. Once we found this little site here, boom, we were in.”

As well as the signature toasted croques with ingredients ranging from pulled beef, chorizo, and field mushrooms to smoked baked beans, ham, and salami, Melted are also serving up sweet toasties filled with Nutella, home-baked sausage rolls, superfood salad, and regionally-brewed teas and coffees, plus shakes, brownies, cakes, and ice cream.

Melted also do deliveries, every day from around 8:00am ‘til 5:00pm, and the eatery is also listed on takeaway app Just-Eat.

Whilst the regular opening times are 8:00am through 5:00pm at the moment, there are later opening times in the works for Fridays and Saturdays to draw in the nighttime crowds.

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