Mayville High School Celebrates Strong GCSE Results Despite Challenging New Exams

Mayville High School in Southsea are today celebrating GCSE results with a massive 81% of pupils achieving five or more A* / 9 - C / 4 grades including Maths and English subjects.

Rebecca Parkyn, Headteacher of Mayville High School, said: “Once again we are delighted that our pupils have gained such super results, particularly given the additional challenge of the new GCSE with the changes in both content and approach.”

Mayville High School celebrates strong GCSE

This year Mayville has seen many success stories. Rosie Sloane who achieved 9s in Science and a 9 in French said: “I’m shaking but I’m delighted.”

Molly Mae Richardson, who achieved 9s in Science and a 9 in Geography, said: “The GCSEs were hard. I did a lot of work and I’m really happy with the results.”0

Pupil Emma Williams was part of a group that took the Maths GCSE early gaining an A* in the iGCSE with most of that group also receiving the Additional Maths Qualification at A*. Emma gained top grades in Science and also Statistics.

Headteacher Rebecca Parkyn added: “Our pupils and teachers show what persistent hard work and outstanding teaching can achieve. Congratulations go to all of those who leave Mayville for college after such well-deserved success.”

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