Kittens saved from waste compactor lorry

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Portsmouth City Council has extended its thanks to Portsmouth residents who helped find homes for a group of abandoned kittens which had been dumped in a rubbish bin.

The council's Clean City Team were emptying communal bins near Sultan Road, Buckland, into a waste compactor lorry when one of the workforce noticed movement inside.

The workers were shocked to discover six cowering kittens inside. The kittens were scared and had been abandoned in a frail state. Unfortunately, the opening of the box prompted four of the kittens to escape, with only two being rescued at the time.

Portsmouth City Council took to social media in an aid to get local residents searching for the missing kittens. Within the hour there were hundreds of shares across Facebook from caring followers, with teams of people out in the Buckland area looking for them.

Triumphant resident Sophie Louise Hewitt managed to find one of kittens hiding behind a paving slab, and a few hours later a nearby neighbour managed to find another kitten cowering behind a garden shed.

All kittens have been taken in by the voluntary cat rescue team at Portsmouth Cats Lost, Found and Rehomed — who are bottle feeding them as the kittens had not had the chance to be weaned from their mother before they were dumped.

Two kittens (pictured) — saved by the Clean City Team — have now been found homes.

The grey kitten has been named Biff, and the ginger kitten has been named Sultan.

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Colette Hill, Assistant Director of Portsmouth City Council's Property and Housing Team (Environment), said: “A massive thank you to everyone that has joined us in trying to find the missing kittens. The team were taken aback when they opened the box to find these six little souls inside. Unfortunately four of them got away before we were able to take them somewhere safe, but the two we rescued are now in a happy home and doing really well.

“It's really important that people don't put things in the bins that shouldn't be there. The end these poor animals would have met is just un-thinkable and totally unnecessary with so many rescue agencies willing to help.

“If you find an abandoned kitten, or at some point find yourself with unexpected or unwanted kittens, do the right thing and phone the appropriate animal shelter for help.”

Whilst the team is overjoyed that four of the kittens have now been found and are safe and well, two of the kittens are still missing. Please keep an eye out if you're in the area around Sultan Road, Buckland.

Agencies that can help

Portsmouth Cats' Protection
Call: 0345 3712743

Stubbington Arc (RSPCA Solent Branch)
Call: 01329 667 541 

Portsmouth Cats Lost Found and Rehomed
Call: 0750 619 6928