Innovation Space offers enterprise insight for Nigerian visitors

Delegates from Nigeria have been given an insight into enterprise development at the University of Portsmouth’s Innovation Space.

A group of university and college executives visited the University’s Innovation Space as part of a five-day training programme organised by Portsbridge Educational Services (whose director, Dr. Stella Adagiri, is a Portsmouth graduate) and the University’s School of Education and Continuing Studies (SECS).

Enterprise Manager Dr. Philip Ely and Senior International Officer Jenny Hyde welcomed the group to Innovation Space, which enables students to develop ideas into business ventures or products through workshops, hotdesking, and collaborative working.

Dr. Ely said: “Sharing our innovative approaches to entrepreneurship has both national and global significance. If we manage to inspire universities in other countries to adopt our approaches, it’s another sign of how the UK leads the way in enterprise education.”

Dr. Adagiri said the delegates were impressed with the university’s lead in enterprise development and were keen to explore collaborative opportunities to help develop entrepreneurship back in Nigeria.

She added: “I hope to take this enthusiasm for the Portsmouth model further, exploring practical ways to improve enterprise education in Nigerian tertiary institutions, which are made up of universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education.”

The Nigerian delegates also took part in seminar sessions delivered by Dr Sylvia Horton, principal lecturer at SECS, and Michael O’Connor and Sue Davey-Evans of Portsmouth Business School.

Subjects covered included strategic management and leadership, governance, financial management and planning, and performance management systems.

Head of School Dr. Peter Starie also gave a presentation about higher education funding and the implications for an academic department.

Portsbridge Educational Services is a start-up enterprise that aims to bridge educational resource gaps by providing training and professional development programmes.

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