Gunwharf’s ARISE scheme aids three local charities

Gunwharf’s ARISE scheme aids three local charities.png

Three local charities have received funding from ARISE, the charitable scheme founded by Gunwharf Quays. The latest round of grants has enabled Bicycle Recycling South, Portsmouth Autism Support Network (PASN), and Southsea Greenhouse to buy new materials and establish local schemes to continue developing their facilities for the Portsmouth community.

Bicycle Recycling South, a social enterprise carrying out bike repairs and upcycling of pre-owned bikes, has received £1,000 to help set up bike maintenance training courses for youth clubs in the city.

The courses will start in February, creating new jobs and training opportunities for vulnerable young people aged 13 through 19 years.

More than £900 has been awarded to the Portsmouth Autism Support Network (PASN), an independent charity providing information and emotional and practical support to children and young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, as well as their parents or carers.

The funding will be used for the development of their Autinet Internet Café sessions, which provide safe and secure access to the internet for those below and above the age of 12.

A further grant of £610 was presented to Southsea Greenhouse. The charity can now enhance Portsmouth’s community garden with the installation of a solar panel to power workshop activities such as sewing and computer skills.

Jenni Van Wjck from Southsea Greenhouse said: “The community garden is such a great resource for Portsmouth residents. It has already touched and enhanced the lives of hundreds of people, many of whom have been isolated or fighting their own battles.

“I am confident that with continued financial support from schemes like ARISE, the passion of the team behind it, and regular input from its volunteers, the garden’s legacy will be far-reaching for many years to come.”

Colin Wilding, General Manager at Gunwharf Quays, said: “2016 has seen some fantastic charities and community initiatives receive support from ARISE. Along with our year-round funding, we were able to offer an extra £7,000 in funding in celebration of Gunwharf Quay’s 15th anniversary.

“From strengthening our coast guard in Southsea to supporting local food banks, the funding has touched groups of people across Portsmouth. We encourage the next wave of applications to help more organisations provide essential support to the Portsmouth community.”

Funding from ARISE is awarded through an application process in which any group, organisation, or individual within the Portsmouth postcodes PO1 to PO17 can apply year-round, for tangible goods or projects that have a lasting impact for the community.

Find the application form online through the Gunwharf Quays website »