Guildhall Games Fest Retro and Board Gaming Festival Returns in 2019

Guildhall Games Fest Retro and Board Gaming Festival Returns in 2019

Gamers young and old prepare to get their geek on as the ultimate retro and board gaming festival returns to Portsmouth Guildhall next February, and this time it promises to be bigger and better than before.

Guildhall Games Fest celebrates more than 40 years of gaming, from Pong and Pac Man to Mario and Minecraft, with an unbeatable selection of board games and retro games consoles to get stuck into.

This event is a collaboration between Portsmouth Guildhall, Dice Portsmouth, and Game Over, building on the success of Comic Con 2018 and Guildhall Games Fest in August 2018.

Revealers will get the opportunity to play on a vast array of game consoles, including Vectrex, Game Cube, Playstation 1, and the classic Pong on Binatone TV Master IV.

Browse the library of hundreds of exciting board games to play, with dedicated staff members on hand to recommend a game for you and even teach you how to play. Family classics such as Monopoly and Cluedo will be available to play as well as modern hits such as Dead of Winter, King of Tokyo, and Sheriff of Nottiboangham.

During the event friends and family will be able with 2-player games and compete in live tournaments to be the ultimate Games Fest 2019 champion.

Guildhall Games Fest is open to all ages (under 14s must be accompanied by an adult). There will also be an over 18s only board game room with pop-up bar.

Find out more about the event via the official website here »