Five reasons to start using video for your business

We’ve been keeping ourselves busy here at Team Locals Media over the past few years with loads of video projects — creating content for businesses new and existing. And for good reason too!

Video marketing is one of the leading forms of advertising, and has been for several years. If you’ve yet to start promoting yourself with video, then now’s the time to start putting this at the forefront of your mind. Facebook feeds, Twitter timelines, Instagram streams, Snapchat stories, YouTube channels, and many other platforms are awash with an endless reel of informative and education video content.

In 2017, it was recorded that 61% of businesses incorporated video into their marketing, and 66% of them were not using video the year before. The trend is skyrocketing, and is without a shadow of a doubt continuing to climb to even greater heights.

Five reasons to start using video for your business

1. Social media and video platforms

Online video has become one of the primary ways people gain information, entertainment, and educate themselves. YouTube gets more than one-billion visitors every month — almost a third of all people on the Internet — and hundreds of millions of hours of video are watched daily. Plus, pretty much everyone can access YouTube for free through their computers, iPhones, tablets, TVs, VR headsets, and even a few refrigerators!

Facebook has established itself as a social leader in the realm of video, and Twitter is shaping up to follow suit. Since Facebook’s famous acquisition of Instagram, both platforms have steadily pushed video features more and more, with Instagram now allowing 60-second clips, Boomerangs (GIF-esque snapshots), and live video.

All of these platforms have one key thing in common: they’re egalitarian. Anyone can access them, and anyone can publish on them. If you’re not already, now is the time to start.

2. Reaching a newer, younger market

All those kids with their heads in their mobiles? They’re usually watching video. It gives you the opportunity to access a younger market. Portsmouth has its very own YouTube success story in the form of Joseph Garrett — best-known as ‘Stampy Cat’. Joseph, who hails from Havant, has over 8million subscribers, and his videos have been viewed over 5.7billion times.

Now, we’re not saying you have to become a vlogging celebrity! But on mobile alone, YouTube reaches more 18- to 34-year-olds than any cable network in the US. You can reach them too.

3. It's pretty serious between Google and video

Your site is significantly more likely to rank way higher on Google if you‘ve got video content embedded, and people will stay on your site longer if you’ve got something engaging to watch.

Also, the emotional resonance video can have with people is a solid way of instantly developing brand loyalty, reinforcing engagement and the impression you have on people.

4. Video is informative

Video is one of my absolute favourite ways to learn, from tricky topics back in my school days to career-advancing or hobby-enriching stuff today. Video and animation is the perfect way to quickly and succinctly inform prospective clients about your business, product, or service.

Getting informed feels good, so that’s another way video content leaves a lasting impression on your viewers. Whether it’s short, snappy, 10-second clips on Instagram or lengthier interview-esque two-minute videos on other social platforms, video informs in a way nothing else can.

5: For the lazy folk — myself included!

We all have moments where we don’t really feel like reading much, so we get ensnared by an unending slideshow of videos on Facebook. Offer video content as well as textual and photographic stuff, and you’ll be opening yourself up to a much wider demographic.


Need some help?

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Below are a few of our recent filming projects to give you some inspiration for your business!

Kingswood outdoor activity centre employed us to create this preview into their family adventure camps and holidays.

Highlights video for TeenTech UK at Portsmouth Guildhall

Promotional content for Portsmouth International Port who wanted to showcase their unique, historic location.

One of our favourite locations in Portsmouth City. The Hotwalls offers so much history and has amazing views of Portsmouth Harbour.

We were hired by ZWILLING to create a short video featuring one of their unique knife skills classes.

Short promotional film for Land Rover's off road driving experiences.