Filmmaking for Portsmouth Festivities: Play Code City

Imagine Pokémon GO with live Pokémon. That’s the concept behind Play Code City, the main commission at the centre of Portsmouth Festivities’ 2017 programme, which will see players logging into an app and interacting with characters across the city to undercover a series of numerical codes. It ties directly into the 2017 programme’s theme of ‘Play’.

When each code is collected and entered into the app, players will earn points and climb up an overall leaderboard ’til the close of Play Code City at the end of Portsmouth Festivities, and winners will be congratulated and rewarded with prizes.

The Portsmouth Festivities crew approached us to create a short promotional video to be used across social media and the event website. The purpose of the video is to generate interest in the app-based location-focused real-world game in the lead-up to the 2017 programme launch.

The film features 3RUN, one of the most iconic and widely-recognized freerunning and parkour teams on the planet, and was shot on location at Southsea Skatepark.

The freerunner leaps and bounds his way across the park, and we take the camera in close to show the code on his tee, piquing the interest of viewers as to the code’s significance.

We were enormously happy to be working with Portsmouth-based Black Anchor Films on this project. Ollie expertly captured aerial footage from his DJI Phantom 4 Pro.

Ollie also employed an intricate DSLR cradle for steady tracking shots of the freerunner.

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