‘By Celia’s Arbour, A Tale of Portsmouth Town’ republished

Local publisher Matt Wingett and Senior University of Portsmouth lecturer Dr. Alison Habens are leading the launch of the new edition of By Celia’s Arbour.

By Celia’s Arbour, A Tale of Portsmouth Town is an extraordinary Portsmouth-centred novel written by Sir Walter Besant, a contemporary of Dickens and a writer who influenced Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Rudyard Kipling.

The book comprises a Victorian love triangle that includes spies, deaths, murder, and intrigues, all set within the confines of the walled titular town.

In the book, Pompey-born writer Sir Walter Besant (1836–1901) describes a Portsmouth long before the town walls came down — but though that version of the city is long-gone, the town comes to life again in the pages of the book.

It gives extraordinary details about the lives of the people of Portsmouth and the town in which they lived.

The launch event, running from 3:00pm through 5:00pm on Saturday 30th April, will feature readings from the book, a talk about Besant’s writing and legacy, and wine and nibbles.

The event takes place at Saint George’s Church, and is free to attend, though you should pre-book via Eventbrite »