Portsmouth promoted as destination for escape on London Underground


Millions of commuters and travelers will get an enticing glimpse of Portsmouth as they traverse London’s hot and crowded Underground Tube stations this month.

New posters have gone up on the London Underground promoting Portsmouth as a great place for a refreshing and relaxing day out on the waterfront.

The billboard show visitors enjoying shopping, historic attractions, and leisure time in Portsmouth. Alongside a montage of photographs, the message and tagline on the ads read: ‘Escape to the waterfront’.

These posters will be on view in the British capital during July, along with thousands of leaflets and a social media campaign.

The advertising effort was put together by Portsmouth City Council in collaboration with fellow members of the Portsmouth Destination Partnership, including the Spinnaker Tower, Gunwharf Quays, and Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

To back up the campaign, Portsmouth City Council’s tourism website Visit Portsmouth has been redesigned to become an extension of the ‘escape’ theme, encouraging visitors to stay overnight — one of the key aims of Portsmouth’s tourism strategy.

Councillor Donna Jones, Leader of Portsmouth City Council, said: “This advertising campaign promotes Portsmouth to a huge and very varied audience — not just those living and working in London, but all the British and international visitors in the capital in July.

“The idea is to highlight all the different ways to unwind and enjoy yourself on our waterfront, if you need to escape from London for a while.”