Video: Portsmouth Marketing at Innovation Space Portsmouth

Paul Clarke, owner of Hampshire-based SEO copywriting and consultancy firm Portsmouth Marketing, spoke to Team Locals Portsmouth about his experience with shared office space at Innovation Space.

Portsmouth Marketing has grown from strength to strength since its conception in 2012. Paul is constantly working hard to help scores of small businesses throughout Hampshire and beyond to achieve the search engine success they deserve.

Portsmouth Marketing, a team of six at the time of writing, moved to Innovation Space in March of this year.

Paul told us: “It really has transformed our business. For about a year, I was struggling to grow. The way Innovation Space have helped me overcome that is, firstly, I’ve been tapping into the university student resource, finding students who are everything that we could want from them. It’s a very cost effective resource.

“Secondly, now that we’ve found that opportunity and that resource, we are now in a place where we have desk space that can grow with us and our needs, and that’s something I always struggled with previously.

“Before, I might have had to get an office space for eight people, but I would have to pay for that from day one when I wouldn’t necessarily have the staff to fill that space or earn the revenue to pay for it.”

Innovation Space are known for hosting inspiring talks and workshops, and Paul will be leading a practical session centred around SEO on Thursday 25th August, which is completely free.

The workshop will offer free advice, structured learning, and opportunities for one-to-one questions covering all aspects of social media optimisation, from keywords and metadata to backlinks, on-page conversions, user experience, and monitoring SEO.

Demand for the workshop, which runs from 3:00pm through 5:00pm, has already been incredibly high. Book your space on the Portsmouth Marketing website to avoid disappointment »

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