Booomers Bamboo Bikes Film Production

We’ve been working with Booomers Bamboo Bikes International for several months now. During this time we’ve helped the business establish itself online with a point of sale website and a host of digital marketing content to boost the brand to a global audience.

Booomers approached us to create an eye-catching promotional film to present to American outdoor leisure and lifestyle giant REI. Booomers were looking to present their product during a series of presentation rounds with REI in the United States. Part of this process was to create a short film that would showcase the brand and provide REI with further insight into Booomers mission to revolutionise the cycling community with their unique bamboo framed eco bikes.

We created a host of video content for the film production over the course of several week and tied the whole production together with a catchy royalty free soundtrack and a professionally written voiceover track from a London based studio artist.

Booomers continue their quest to crack the American cycling market and are using our digital content to promote their activities and offerings.

See the website we created for Booomers here »

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