Marketing & PR


Got something big coming up? An excitingly huge event, an exhilaratingly massive product launch, the grand opening of a new venue? Our marketing and PR services can be tailored to what you need in a neat bundled package, with a single quote encompassing all the promotional power you'll need to see your Next Big Thing succeed and grab the attention of local people. These bundles can include:

  • Short films, before, during, and after the event or launch
  • Photography, both professionally polished and instantly shared
  • Relentless social media coverage across TLMedia' streams, to an audience of tens of thousands of engaged regional followers — both organic and sponsored campaigns
  • Editorials and native ads on the TLMedia website
  • Event listings on the TLMedia website
  • Banner adverts on the TLMedia website, with custom links
  • Graphic design to tie all of this content together in an attractive eye-catching way, e.g., social media graphics, banner imagery, etc.

Because of the work we've done to promote Portsmouth since our conception, we've built relationships with many local companies, who may also be able to help you. As well as the marketing services we offer, we can leverage our contacts to help you get what you need.

This includes preferential rates on some other media services, including local radio and billboard (static and dynamic) advertising.



The TLMedia subscription is our legacy service: a monthly fee, starting from £50.00, gets you a listing on the TLMedia website, which receives tens of thousands of visitors every month, plus online editorial, social media promotion to hundreds of thousands of engaged local people, copywriting, and event listings.

Whether you want a standard TLMedia subscription or something more bespoke, fill in the form below to get a quote.

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