Blue Reef Aquarium

Suitably sited beside the sea, Blue Reef is a core part of any seaside itinerary, with its diverse range of sea life, fun outdoor beach club, and colourful gift shop.

Blue Reef is home to many species of shark, one of the longest being the Black Tip Reef Shark, which is closely related to Tiger and Bull sharks. They live and hunt on coral reefs, and give birth to live young which can hunt as soon as they’re born.

Also closely related to sharks are rays, which in many ways are just flat sharks. Blue Reef houses countless colourful species of ray, and watching them cut through the water is truly fascinating.

On the cheekier side of the aquarium are the otters — among the most enchanting and graceful aquatic mammals in the world. They’re perfectly adapted to life above and below the water.

Blue Reef’s innovative indoor freshwater environment offers spacious naturally-themed surroundings for a family of Asian short-claw otters, and gives visitors a seamless view of the stunning creatures.

Also living at Blue Reef are tropical amphibians, predatory piranhas, reptiles, and many more, plus a huge array of tropical fish showcased in a large aquarium which arcs overhead as you pass through the glass tunnel below.

There’s a café on site stocked up with delicious refreshments, an outdoor splash pool and beach-inspired play area, and a marine-themed gift shop.

Opening Times

Mondays — Sundays: 10:00am — 5:00pm


Blue Reef Aquarium, Clarence Esplanade, Portsmouth, Southsea, PO5 3PB



Phone: 02392 875 222